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YESforLOV Unisex Cooling (100 ml)

YESforLOV Unisex Cooling (100 ml)

Toote kood: YFL01A1

Tootja: YESforLOV

Hind: 24.95


Pehme konsistentsiga veepõhine lubrikant, jahutava toimega. Lubrikant rahustab ja niisutab suurepäraselt nahka ja intiimpiirkonda. Sisaldab naturaalseid koostisosi ning neil on neutraalne pH tase. Lubrikandil on siidjalt õrn struktuur, see ei kleepu, ei kuiva ära, säilitab kaua libisevust. Sobib meestele ja naistele, nii vaginaalse kui anaalse seksi puhul, samuti masturbeerimisel. Jahutust pakuvad koostises olevad mentool ning mentüüllaktaat, mis võivad ühes teiste koostisainetega pikendada mehe tundlikkust. Turvaline silikoonist seksilelude, lateksist preservatiivide kasutamisel.

Maht: 100 ml

About YESforLOV

Women and men have always wanted to know about their bodies and bodies of their partners, their unsuspected resources, their most secret hopes…All bodies are equal…

Passionate and dedicated French hedonist Christian Palix "cosmetic for pleasures" YESforLOV brand has come to the Estonian market. His idea was to create a brand that would be a source of romantic ideas. All packets designed to ignite the fire of love and avoid the routine of everyday life. YESforLOV is a luxurious and romantic brand that brings fresh air love into people life. The trendy product, tested for quality and thoughtful design.

YESforLOV is a top-quality cosmetics for the act of love, which provide freedom, comfort and inventiveness in your love life. YESforLOVE brand can offer a whole range of items dedicated to the pleasure of your skin: bodycare, protection, shared games. The brand has developed a number of interesting and exciting gift packages like Hide and Seek KIT, KIT Weekend, Men's Kit, and Naughty Games Go Wild Kit, containing the name of the excitement gel, lubricant, massage oil, cleanser, fragrance-free wipes, condoms, etc.. Before, during and after lovemaking.

The whole range of products have been tested dermatologically. All products are developed by specialists in their field and recognized as a very high quality and are alcohol-free and without the allergens, mineral oil, artificial coloring agents and silicone. YESforLOV fragrance was created by an international specialist in perfume of perfume company Victor Mane Mathilde Bijaoui, whose co-operation has been completed such as the Sex Pistols perfume, Jacomo for Men, Squeeze, Lalique, I Love Him Just Cavalli, and Betsey Johnson. YESforLOV brand has the sign of OSEO and Anvar France CRITT.

The brand is designed by the artistic side, Philippe Di Meo, who has been involved in development of such world famous brands such as Moet & Chandon, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Swarovski at the Cannes Film Festival. Di Méo'l managed to bring forth YESforLOV poetry, modernity and liberal character of minimalist black and white-gold package which is free from taboos, yet very elegant. YESforLOV's specialty is a pan-European pricing policy, so all prices are the same in every country.

And at the first performance in 2007 at the exhibition Beyond the Beauty Fair among 60 concepts of beauty got Beauty Challenger Award.

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